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Angry Octopi NFT

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Angry Octopi is a collection of 9528 unique NFTs made in the ethereum blockchain. If you own one you get access to a game, exclusive clothes line, and online events! Join the discord now to learn more about our collection and get whitelist. Our clothesline will be dropping after we reach 60% sales and our game will be at 80%!!! Online events will include: giveaways, online sneaker conventions and more. In the future we will start doing real in person events, and you can only enter with one of our NFTs as your ticket! We are very exclusive and are trying to grow fast so we can be big and be a nice community. So remember join AOS to join an elite, kind, and exclusive community. We are hyped to be releasing soon and hope you can be too!

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