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Angels and Devils by Celestial Studios

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Angels and Devils is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn NFTs! The collection consists of 5,000 Angels and 5,000 Devils who have agreed to put aside their differences and enter the metaverse together, as friends!The A&D concept stems from our desire to raise awareness on the importance of living in harmony. Look – even though we may appear different on the outside, we are exactly the same on the inside. Our message through these beings gives a nod to the old saying about not judging books by their covers. So theres that. And its no small thing for us. Its what we believe as a core team and what we aim to reflect in our LORE, ART, UTILITY and COMMUNITY. Additionally, youll see a lot of Geek references and inspirations from what we considered to be some of the best projects within the NFT space. We arent trying to reinvent the wheel — but were certainly building a better one. All are welcomeCREATIVEThe collection is 100% hand-drawn, 100% is focused on Web3 utilities such as:- DAO-Driven Community Wallet (members have voting rights in community wallet “spend decisions)- Lore concept with the two “factions (Infernals & Divines) that will drive future utility- Creation of a comic book based on the back story- Comic book creator/illustrator @Ctll (League of Legends Cartoons)- Celestial City (NFT Worlds metaverse space) by verified builders TeamVisionary- P2E gaming in Celestial City – concept based on Afterlife by LucasartUTILITYHolding an A&D NFT will make you eligible for online + in-real-life (IRL) utility:- Whitelist (WL) spots in all our future projects- Receive our AR Voxel Angels & Devils playable metaverse avatars- Rarity tools- (IRL) Miami Art-Basel week

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