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Ancient Sculpture Hybrids by Neil Barrett

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Today, everyone is in a rush for NFTs. Major brands, celebs, artists, and just regular individuals drop their collections every single minute. Thus, creative fashion designer Neil Barrett is about to join the craze. In partnership with the Museum of Digital Art, known as Moda, Neil is launching his first NFT collection dubbed “Ancient Sculpture Hybrids.The collection contains NFTs of 3 designs, while each is available in the amount of 10. All artsy tokens contain hand-drawn animation from Barretts personal archive of artworks covering the past 20 years. Besides, all NFTs will be sold with their physical replicas. The collection will drop on February 19th on the Moda NFT platform for fashion, design, art, music, and culture fields.Combining elements of Roman and Greek art, Neil Barrett created sculptural heads, giving them a fresh and contemporary spin. One of his NFTs, titled ‘Hybrid Artwork n.04 Darth Caesar, is an amazing sculpture, featuring The Star Wars key antagonist Darth Vader’s shiny black mask mashed with a classical Roman Statue.Another NFT piece, dubbed Hybrid Artwork n.03 Double-Headed Hercules is the remake of Neil Barretts 2012 work.This artwork both distorts and mirrors the marble statue of the Greek God Hercules, the strong and fearless son of Zeus. This powerful image stretches marble from Head to Head, a reality only possible in the imagination and portrayed in this artwork which hangs proudly in my Milan Design Studio, commented the creator on his artwork.“As a fashion designer and a creative, of course, I am well aware that digital fashion is going to become more and more important each season within the fashion industry. This is my first NFT launch and its just the beginning. Im proud to show my artworks that Ive been working on over the last 20 years, that Ive always kept private, and have never shown anybody, says Neil Barrett.Early supporters and holders of these genesis NFTs by Neil Barrett will be provided with access to VIP & Whitelist spots for the projects to launch. Come join the MODAVERSE!

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