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Anatomical Etymogrammes – Sale

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

TheAnatomicalEtymogrammesNFTcollection is a unique collection of 97 beautiful, hand-drawn, pencil illustrations that represent the origins of anatomical terms. Allillustrations are from JohnKelway’sbook The Human Body’s Cabinet of Etymological Curiosities, winner of the Open Competition held by the Institute of Anatomical Sciences in September 2021. Theseetymogrammes(i. e. illustrations that represent a word’s etymological origins) are a novel concept created by John Kelway to help medical students understand why anatomical structures were given the names that they beartoday, and thereby help students to remember these often complicated Greek andLatin terms. Thus, these illustrations are not only beautiful, but they are also useful learning tools that could one day be used in both real and virtual classrooms across the world and themetaverse. Each NFT will be sold forthe price of 0. 1ETH. Instagram: https://www. instagram. com/j. j. kelway/

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