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An Especially Iconic Drop by Axel Mansoor

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

On April 8, Axel Mansoor is releasing his NFT collection ‘An Especially Iconic Drop’ on Crypto. com. Why is it iconic, you may wonder?Axel Mansoor is the face of the drop-in audio platform Clubhouse. The smiling face of the Clubhouse app icon is Axel’s. Being a singer, songwriter, and creator of the Lullaby Club app, Axel decided to team up with his friends and sing the lullabies to Clubhouse users. In a few weeks, he became so popular that was chosen as the face of the Clubhouse app icon! Since then, Axel’s face is one of the most recognizable as it’s placed on millions of phones worldwide. “Wow. This all started with singing lullabies with a couple of friends on this app called Clubhouse and now we’re here! I AM AN ICON! Thank you @joinclubhouse for this opportunity, you da coolest” – writes Axel on Twitter. Axel Mansoor NFT collection, dropping on Crypto. com incorporates the celebrated photo from the Clubhouse icon taken by Zach Bell and designed by the multimedia artist Kent Yoshimura. This has never happened before! Add the event to your calendar!

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