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Ambush Tigers

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

The Ambush Tigers collection of 1,229 unique Tigers consists of 1,200 programmatically generated Tigers and 29 handcrafted Legendary Tigers. Ambush Tigers will be released into the wild over a 10 week period in three ways: for sale, for raising awareness, for community engagement. Ambush Tigers believe in charity and will donate 29% of sales revenue from the 10 week distribution period.All Ambush Tigers will be dropped over a 10 week period. Every week a new drop of Tigers will be made available. There are three types of drops: Open, Awareness and Community. Open Drops are offered for sale weekly. Weeks 1 to 9 will be bundle sales only and week 10 will be individual only. Each week the average price per Tiger increases from 0.0033 ETH in week 1 to 0.29 ETH in week 10. Open Drops represent 72.2% of all Tigers. Awareness Drops are bundles distributed by draw to those who participate in the Twitter Awareness Campaigns. There are six Awareness Campaigns planned. Awareness Drops represent 14.6% of all Tigers. Community Drops are distributed by draw to those who participate in the Discord Community Campaigns. There are six Community Campaigns planned. Community Drops represent 13.2% of all Tigers.

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