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Alien Supper Club

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

With the popularity and wider adoption of crypto currency and technologies on planet Earth, Aliens feel that the human race has finally intellectually evolved to a point where they can make contact and live among humans. 1,000 aliens are looking to celebrate their grand arrival on Earth, and are ready to style and profile!Once the partying is done, they know there is still more work to be done on Earth to get all humans to understand and start using crypto currency and technologies. The Interplanetary Crypto Council has decided to set up its headquarters at the site of their huge welcome-to-Earth party, the Alien Supper Club. There, they will strategize and implement their crypto education and training efforts. Each Alien Supper Club NFT is an entry pass into the Interplanetary Crypto Council DAO, and entitles its owner to take an active role in efforts to expand adoption of crypto currencies and technologies. More information regarding this exciting membership to come!

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