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Alien DAO

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Don’t miss out on this new Solana NFT Project that wants to give back to holders. • Community Driven NFT Project. • 999 Supply & 0.99 Mint Price. • Exclusive access to our future collaborations with other Projects.• 75% Royalties will go weekly into the DAO Vault.About us.My name is Jonah, and yes i am only one guy! I work as an IT Support Specialist and i have experience in Illustrator & Photoshop . I am very tech savvy & eager to learn. I am launching my own NFT collection in order to learn first and be able to help people have a deeper understanding of how NFTs work , also i want to be able to help my family go through financial matters. This is my first NFT collection ever , anyone willing to help feel free. I am doing this because i believe i can do it and whatever you believe you can do you shouldn’t let it wait. I am also considering quitting my day time job to continue my journey in the Crypto & NFT Space by helping people & also working with them.

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