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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Started by A.I. finished by human artist.The collection of 100 hand-crafted NFT pictures.Each one is a symbiosis of the A.I. image processing power and a real-life graphic designer craftsmanship, making them a unique type of digital art.Ourgoalis to create immersive art with a hidden narrative, that you actually want to print on a canvas and hang on your wall in its physical form, as well as invest in or trade it as NFT.Howthe art is madeUsing the A.I. image processing abilities we randomly generate hundreds of pictures from which we hand-pick the most interesting ones.Afterwards a skilled graphic designer takes his time to re-shape, re-design and re-color the art to its final shape and form.We give each image a funny name – often inspired by movies – and hide an easter egg in its design.Pictures are then minted as NFT and stored on the Polygon blockchain. Available for purchase on OpenSea.

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