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Ageless Axolotls

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

Ageless Axolotls is a collection of 9,999 unique NFTs digital collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain. The10,000thNFT is a super-rareXolotl Godthat has exclusive traits and rights no other Ageless Axolotl has.314 ETHwill be placed in theAxolotl Community Treasure, once all axolotls are minted. It will be distributed according to the Axolotls Olympics classification.The net profit generated from thelaunchof theAxolotlsOlympicsonmobileplatformswill be deposited in theAxolotlsOperationsTreasury.Holders will decide the future of the treasury throughDAO. They will also participate in exclusive events such as NFT claims, raffles, community giveaways, and more perks that will be unlocked throughroadmapactivation.Remember, all axolotls are ageless, but some will live enough to see their God.

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