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AERA – Wizards of OS

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

ÆRA – Wizards of OSis a collection of 8,888 magical & androgynous NFTs that were created to help each type of gender and all people embrace their inner voice and strengthAs magicians, we want to fulfill wishes and thereby give back as much as possible to our members.We are the first Wizardschool in the metaverse that tries to respond individually to its members as the biggest point of its roadmap.We want to sow something good in order to reap something good.In the year 2100 ÆRA was founded. In ÆRA students are taught magic to become a wizard of OS. OS is Latin and means Orbis Sapienti – World of Wisdom. The founder of the school was the galactic director: Lord Findley Graybane, also abbreviated as L.F.G. He saw the problems of the time and wanted to intervene in the education system to teach his students equality. Wizards are wonderful, unique beings, just like every one of us, who can do one thing above all with their magic: fulfill wishes.Whats your Dream? Make a Wish!

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