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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

AdRunner is a utility-driven NFT bringing DeFi into metaverse advertisingAdRunner NFT benefits:1) Holder rewards and stakingRevenues of the meta-advertising platform will be generated in AdRunners own ADR tokens, bringing DeFi to advertising. These will be distributed to our community through staking. 45% of ADR earnings will be allocated to the meta-estate owners and scaling up the platform while 55% will flow to NFT holders. Once DAO tools are implemented, the community will decide on the ratio.2) Increase in valueAs we scale up and more advertisers acquire ADR tokens to place their ads, the value of ADRs and the AdRunner NFTs will soar. During initial stages of the project, we will acquire land plots in the metaverse to showcase our AdBoxes allowing you to also benefit from the immense appreciation of meta-real-estate prices currently observed on the market.3) Breed your NFTsOnly two generations of AdRunner NFTs are ever to come to life. By staking two AdRunner NFTs, a completely new AdRunner Gen Z NFT will be bred. The number of Gen Z NFTs to be bred will be limited to 5,000.4) Make a statement in the metaverseNFT holders will be entitled to regular non-commercial screen time on random AdBoxes. Through this feature the owners can spread ideas and let users across the metaverse know what they stand for. If you want to be heard, make a statement!TO SUM UP:AdRunner NFT holders will:Holder Rewards and Staking – Exclusive rewards for NFT Holders;Increase in Value – Meta Estate and NFT value appreciation;Breed your NFTs – New Gen Z AdRunner NFTs for Holders;Make a statement in the metaverse – Chance to be heard in metaverse for holders

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