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Abstract World Solana Editon

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Abstract World 1. 1v Solana Edition is a new NFT art project. Solana edition is an extension for Abstract World 1. 0v, with new AI-generated paintings, new colors, more connected to Solana ecosystem and community. This edition will be about Solana Worlds. Every picture will have its own Story, description. Idea is to connect people from Solana ecosystem and find your own identity in the new NFT world which is Huge!You are all welcome to my art as Solana WorldsThere are 100 unique generated worlds, people, or ideasEach one of them has a unique climate, atmosphere and shows how creatures live in these other dimensions of imagination. This is the beginning of future goals. We are creating a new metaverse, together. We choose our place in this new world of NFT.

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