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Abstract Landscapes #1

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Abstract Landscapes No. 1 by Victoria Primicias contains200 items, all 1/1 NFTs. This collection is the sum of landscape paintings completed in 2013–19.No more will be added.Primicias’ coastal artworks are visual meditations driven by color, atmosphere, and movement. They impart a quiet energy that resonates with the more reflective nature of our being.#1 to #20 (Super Rare)#21 to #60 (Rare)#61 to #120 (Uncommon)#121 to #200 (Common)Support those who make their living from the sea.Ten percent of profits from primary sales will help the fishing trade on Kiva.org. Kiva expands financial access to low-income entrepreneurs in 77 countries. Primicias has been a Kiva supporter since 2009.

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