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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Ethereum

Project Overview

AboutTheBird is handmade, not automatically generated, pixel-animated NFT inspired by the famous Family Guy about the bird episode. The project is quite unique as the mint process won’t be paid by the community but by the artist the birdy girl. The contract is already deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The only condition for that is the popularity of the project. Everything is decided on discord. The total supply of birds and other specifics details will be voted by the community. The max total supply will be 1000. Some will be unique, some not. But none will have a huge supply. All birds come with rarities based. A lot of information will be revealed as people join the project. Giveaways are on the menu. The sale will be on OpenSea. It’s all about the bi-bi-bird, ’cause the bird is the word ! Hunt your bird to spread the word about the bi-bi-bird and own a pooping bi-bi-bird !

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