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8 Bit Biker Collective

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

The 8 Bit Biker Collective is a collection of randomly generated NFT bikers riding on the Polygon chain.Each NFT biker has it’s own set of unique characteristics, generated from multiple layers.They are led by the allgoldbiker…. find him, and you could win an airdrop of up to $10,000!!The minting process for these collectible bikers will be hidden.Once minting has sold out, your biker will be revealed.There are 6,666 bikers to collect altogether… will you be the owner of the gold biker???Mint coming soon…8 bit bikes coming soon… give your biker a bike to ride on!!8 bit biker collective p2e game in development… once you have your 8 bit biker and your 8 bit bike, you can combine them to play the 8 bit riding P2E game!Disclaimer: the $10,000 golden biker airdrop is dependant on minimum 60% mint sellout. If the amount of bikers minted is less than 60%, the airdrop will be 10% of the mint revenue. There will only be 1 airdrop. Only the person who has minted the Golden biker will be able to receive the airdrop.DisclaimerDisclaimer

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