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72 Ars

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

72 Ars is the portal that leads us to the magic of the future. Understood here as CryptoMagic, 72 Ars will explore ideas around a new form of magic that might emerge from the emotional and spiritual ongoing interaction with technology. As a starting point, we are releasing a limited NFT collection of CryptoGrimoires issued on Ethereum-like blockchain networks. Each CryptoGrimoire evolves around a theme and will be presented in the form of exclusive CryptoMagic Cards. Our first CryptoGrimoire is called 72ars: servitors and their sigils and will tell the story of a series of magical cards that forever changed the life of our protagonist, a discord user named Goetia. For our first drop we are releasing 1372 cryptomagic cards. 72 Ars: For a new spirit, a new magic.

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