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512DAO NFT Collection Stage 1

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

512DAONear Protocol.Early investment in NFT collections.At the stage of development and promotion.Presale February 28thSale Presale March 14thThe first NFT collection – 3D figures.The entry point to the club.Revenue Sharing => Marketing 90% + Devs 10%The second collection – Colors. You can color the figures from the first collection.Revenue Sharing => DAO Liquidity Pool 90% + Devs 10%5 types of figures: circle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon.Each of the figures will allow you to gain influence in the DAO.Circle – 1 vote.Triangle – 3 votes.Square – 4 votes.Pentagon – 5 votes.Hexagon – 6 votes.You can increase your influence.The figure can be painted in 4 colors maximum. Colors have a different rarity.The maximum number of votes for one NFT is 24 + votes for color rarity.More votes – more influence in the DAO.And the more your profit in the DAO.DAO can increase the liquidity pool and marketing budget.Additional collections will be released for this.

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