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50 cities pixelworldnft

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

PixelWorldNFT is born from the idea of creating a parallel universe where everything is made of pixel from buildings and people to food. It is a very big project since we want most cities in the world to be represented in PixelWorldNFT.Within this parallel universe made of pixel, new characters, food, pets will be discovered. Everything you can imagine is less than what will happen in PixelWorldNFT.Road Map PHASE 1-Minted 50 cities of the first country of the collection (Spain)-When 25 are sold we will giveaway some NFT to owners to choose from collection.-When the first 50 are sold we will start the voting sistem to make the next country you choose. (We will do this until we complete the collection of the whole world)The paintings can be used in the houses of the metaverse, as well as to access special events and places that we will create there.What are you waiting for to have your favorite city?

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