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NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Hello !We are 2 french high school students passionate about music.We created our musical project NFT to share our creations!Our NFT are unique and original, because they were created by our beatmaker who is part of the group 1MinuteSounds,They will be of any kind, in order to touch a maximum of people and thus satisfy them.Our Collection will be composed of 60 sounds (like 60 seconds making a minute)The holders who will have the most NFT will have the privilege to be advantaged compared to the others (for example the one who will have the most, will have a sound, with his image, he will fill a schedule of conditions so that the beatmaker makes the sound which he wishes).We will organize events (Giveaway, Blind test…etc) to make NFT win thanks to them and of course, promote our project.Eventually, we would like our musical creations to be integrated in a metaverse project (through a radio for example, or an event created around 1MinuteSound in the metaverse…etc).We will publish them little by little, and the bigger the community will be, the more sounds will be published (to reach the final collection of 60 sounds).If the project does not reach a certain popularity we will be forced to postpone the mint, that’s why we count on your support!Join our social networks to keep up with the latest news!Thank you for your attention!

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