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10000 Faces of God

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Polygon

Project Overview

Recognisable NFT collection dedicated to the issues of freedom, faith and religious conflicts Each NFT is a bizarre avatar, both familiar and unexpected, bewitching and disgusting, attractive and repulsive, but not leaving anyone indifferent.Our royalties – 10% of the sales of the collection, we will spend on the creation of the Metaverse of Enlightenment.Let the power of art help us make this world a better place! A place in virtual reality that will facilitate communication between representatives of conflicting communities. It will ease the spiritual search for people. Allow leaders to reach more listeners without leaving their own homes.Built on the basis of modern blockchain technologies, the Metaverse of Enlightenment will bring the benefits of web 3.0 to the widest possible range of people around the planet.NFT owners will receive unique opportunities for customising their game character and bonuses at the launch of the project.We will distribute most of the NFT for free among active community members.If people like our collection, we will receive 10% of its subsequent resales, which we will spend on the development of Metaverse of Enlightenment.Until release, the overall look of 10,000 Faces of God will remain a secret.But we will share with you the individual elements of the collection.You can also win NFTs in quizzes dedicated to the topic of our project.Not with a sword, but with a word

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