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100 Club Sol Membership Card NFTs

NFT Collection

Blockchain: Solana

Project Overview

Club Sol is a membership card NFT for early Solana investors. Perks include status and early access to drops. 100 NFTs left in November for 0. 1 SOL at clubsolnft. comEvery month, we mint a new membership card. When the month ends, we stop minting membership cards for that month. That makes the November membership card rare. If you own one, that means you minted it early, or you paid a premium for the status symbol. In one year. . five years. . ten years — the number of NFT buyers will explode. In a world where NFTs are commonplace, status is the currency to stand out. Your membership card proves how early you joined Club Sol. It represents the bet you took on the Solana ecosystem in its infancy. The earlier you join, the higher your status as a Solana investor. Our philosophy is that NFTs should be affordable for everyone. That’s why membership cards always mint at a low fiat price. However, early joiners should get recognized for taking a calculated bet. That’s why early members get earlier access to Club Sol perks, like future NFT whitelists.

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